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Big Block Retaining Wall Engineering

Engineered to Last!

Below are links to the mechanical drawings for the complete line of Big Block retaining wall blocks. You’ll see that we lead the way in retaining wall engineering.

Block Details

24” Bottom BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Middle BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Top BlockDWFDWGPDF
42” Bottom BlockDWFDWGPDF
42” Middle BlockDWFDWGPDF
60” Bottom BlockDWFDWGPDF
60” Middle BlockDWFDWGPDF
72” Bottom BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Left Full Bottom BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Left Full Middle BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Left Full Top BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Right Full Bottom BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Right Full Middle BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Right Full Top BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Half Middle BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Half Top BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Half Left End Top BlockDWFDWGPDF
24” Half Right End Top BlockDWFDWGPDF
Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall SectionPDF

Standard Gravity Design Charts

Gravity Wall Design Charts
4 DegreePDF
4 Degree SlopePDF
4 Degree 250PDF
7 DegreePDF
7 Degree SlopePDF
7 Degree 250PDF

The information contained in the charts below were compiled by Big Block, Inc. and represents the product use in the application illustrated to the best of our knowledge. The charts are for estimating purposes and conceptual reference only. Big Block accepts no liability for improper use or actual construction utilizing these charts. A qualified professional engineer with knowledge of actual site conditions and materials should perform specific wall design.

1.Design calculations follow NCMA standards as outlined in Design Manual for Segmental Retaining Walls (2nd Ed).
2.Minimum safety factors are 1.5 for sliding, 1.5 for overturning and 2.0 for bearing capacity.
3.Global stability analysis has not been addressed in the charts.
4.Unit weight of soils is assumed to be 120 pcf.
5.The phi angle of the retained and foundation soil is assumed to be the same for chart calculations. See typical base block detail for leveling pad recommendations.
6.Wall installations shall follow Big Block guidelines plus any additional requirements of the engineer of record, site specifications and
pertinent documents.