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Retaining Wall Blocks

With a unique natural stone look.

From simple landscaping to towering commercial retaining walls, Big Block Inc. retaining wall blocks are designed for easy installation and aesthetic appeal. Our retaining wall blocks have a beautiful, natural stone appearance, giving your customers a unique wall texture that looks and feels like stone. Yet since it is precast concrete, it is readily available.

Other benefits of Big Block retaining wall blocks include:
• Efficient retaining wall construction: up to 250 blocks in 8 hours minimizes labor costs
• Our concrete block retaining walls can be built as tall as necessary while still maintaining long term stability
• Engineering and performance tested
• Unlimited color staining available

24” Half Block18”24”24”650-800 lbs
24″ Full Block18”48”24”1300-1600 lbs
42” Half Block18”24”42”1188-1302 lbs
42″ Full Block18”48”42”2375-2604 lbs
60” Half Block18”24”60”1580-1770 lbs
60″ Full Block18”48”60”3160-3540 lbs
72” Half Block18”24”72”1770-1950 lbs
72″ Full Block18”48”72”3540-3900 lbs

Click here for the Big Block Installation Manual.