About Big Block, Inc.

Congratulations on discovering a unique retaining wall block form.

Big Block, Inc. is proud to introduce an innovative retaining wall solution which combines superior performance with natural stone aesthetics. Our 24” deep units weigh approximately 1500 pounds and have quickly become the product of choice for residential, commercial, multi-family, highway, and marine applications alike. Big Block is a wet-cast segmental retaining wall system engineered to last. Our patented locking system provides contractors the ability to implement a variety of eye-catching curves, corners and more.

At Big Block, our quality control extends well beyond the manufacturing plant. We believe constant reevaluation of our products, regular communication with contractors, distributors, and on-site training give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. We offer cost efficient solutions by providing simple to use American made aluminum forms and long lasting, low maintenance molds. In fact, we have used our forms and molds on a daily basis since 2005 with minimal wear and tear.

As a second generation concrete foundation contractor, my family has been serving the Kansas City building community for the past 50 years. For a number of those years I poured industrial style concrete blocks. Our blocks were used in everything from culverts and cow pens to various landscaping applications. After years of exhaustive research and development I have realized my dream of implementing an affordable modular retaining wall form system.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in Big Block and look forward to discussing our products with you very soon.


David VanLerberg



David VanLerberg