“Our precast concrete retaining wall blocks save you time and money.”

Big Block’s innovative retaining wall line combines superior performance with natural stone aesthetics. Big Block precast retaining wall units are quickly becoming the product of choice for commercial, residential, multi-family, highway, and water applications alike. Big Block is a wet-cast segmental retaining wall system that is engineered to last. Our revolutionary locking system and massive units allows engineered retaining walls to be constructed with or without geogrid reinforcement while providing the ability to implement a variety of eye-catching curves, planters, corners and more.

Retaining Walls

Site development projects are becoming extremely challenging due to land and space restrictions. The requirement for natural, pristine aesthetics has increased so Big Block, Inc developed a versatile, cost efficient retaining wall system for the most difficult projects. Find out more here.


EngineeringHistorically, segmental retaining walls were small units requiring geogrid reinforcement to achieve heights above 4 ft. We offer a large-faced unit up to 6 SF that allows construction of walls exceeding 14 ft without geogrid reinforcement and up to 50 ft with geogrid. Find out more.


ConstructionBig Block’s unique locking system allows a contractor quick and easy installation using light equipment. Typically a team of two installers and one laborer can safely install 1500 square feet of wall in a normal eight hour day making Big Block very price competitive. Find out more.