Retaining Wall Construction

Big Block’s unique locking system allows a contractor quick and easy installation on a concrete footing or AB3. Geogrid material is threaded around rebar and held in place by the weight of the wall, making this retaining wall system very geogrid-friendly.

***Before beginning any retaining wall construction, contractors should consult with their own engineer about specific jobs, as the height, soil type and physical conditions of the job site for the retaining wall need to be considered.

1. Excavate the site of the retaining wall.
2. Prepare leveling pad per engineer’s specifications.
3. Install base course, paying careful attention that it is straight and level, as this will affect the quality of the finished retaining wall.
4. Install drainage material per engineer’s specifications.
5. Backfill the area behind the base course.
6. Depending on job-specific plans, geogrid may be installed before the second course. Be sure to reference specific job plans as well as geogrid manufacturer specifications before placing geogrid.
7. The second course is stacked at an offset from the seams of the base course blocks. Make sure course is level and adjust blocks if necessary. Install drainage and backfill.
8. Install additional courses as before, placing drainage, backfill and geogrid at each course according to plans.

Click here for the Big Block Installation Manual.