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From simple landscaping to towering commercial retaining walls, Big Block Inc. retaining wall blocks are designed for easy installation and aesthetic appeal. Our retaining wall blocks have a beautiful, natural stone appearance, giving your customers a unique wall texture that looks and feels like stone. Yet since it is precast concrete, it is readily available, and can even be cast onsite to save time and money. Other benefits of Big Block retaining wall blocks:

 •  Efficient retaining wall construction: up to 250 blocks in 8 hours minimizes labor costs

 •  Our concrete block retaining walls can be built as tall as necessary while still maintaining long term stability

 •  Engineering and performance tested

 •  Unlimited color staining available

 Retaining Wall Block Specifications

  Height Width Depth Weight Minimum Convex Radius
Full Block
Half Block

Our Forms 

  Big Block aluminum forms offer significant benefits over competing steel forms currently on the market. Click here for Big Block Form Leasing Opportunity

  Durable Yet Lightweight
We are commited to engineering and manufacturing the best, strongest, most durable aluminum forms. Our Kansas City manufacturing plant has used our forms and liners daily in the past three years with minimal wear and tear. Unlike competitive steel forms, our aluminum system is resisted to tarnishing, rusting and corrosion. Being one of the most durable construction materials available, structural components produced from aluminum are vital to the aerospace industry and very important in other areas of transportation and building construction .

Big Block's forms can be easily transported to jobsites or between multiple manufacturing plants. Our 24" forms weigh approximately 275 pounds and can be easily moved by two men or with a small forklift. We are the only form system on the market that truly make it possible to own one set of forms between plants.

Multiple Pours
Our pin and wedge system is key to achieving multple pours in an eight-hour day. Two laborers can easily tear down and reassemble 30 forms in approximately 1.5 hours. Since our licensing fee is not square footage based this is key to maximizing your profits.

Sea Walls

Pedestrian Access


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